Spectacles - Stand Up

“Love is the only force capable of turning an enemy into a friend”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

In my opinion, the political discourse in America has fallen into a sorry state. Basic human rights are being destroyed, our president seems to have little regard for the rule of law or common decency and all the while immigrant parents are getting deported when they drop their children off at school. Moreover, there seems to be a major disconnect in how we as a people are communicating with each other—in our attempts to engage with the world through social media, we have only succeeded in cloistering ourselves in the political-view echo-chamber of our choice.

I believe all people deserve love, respect and support to succeed because they are alive. That is why I tried to write lyrics that (hopefully) never went to the point of chastising, admonishing or attacking. Instead, trying to state simply the reasons why we must stand up for love, justice and equality.

“Stand Up” is a protest song that attempts to state plainly and simply why we MUST raise our voices to protect the rights of others: because they are worth it, because they are alive, because they are people.


-Colin ‘Response’ Pulkrabek


THANK YOU to Jon Hansen for providing the resources, support and patience this track required

THANK YOU to Rani Weatherby who delivered this song better than I could have ever dreamed

THANK YOU to Ehssan Karimi for using his loud loom to help us spin this flax into gold

THANK YOU to Lauren Hepburn for playing some mean baritone saxophone and supporting me when I got low

THANK YOU to Darian Asplund for tenor saxophone madness

THANK YOU to Andrew Pulkrabek for giving us a strong, supportive bass.

THANK YOU to my FAMILY who has been egging me on through this whole process

THANK YOU to my FRIENDS for inspiring me to write this protest song. Your presence on Earth is our true treasure.

Are They Brothers - Swing Shift Man

From Are They Brothers:

Swing Shift Man is a song we wrote to channel the frustration of having to work all day for insufficient wages. The struggle to survive and live a comfortable life while earning minimum or less than minimum wage is something we believe many people have had to experience. Add working a split shift on top of that, and you've got someone who works the entire day away just for bare necessities. We all get old, we all die, work sucks. Fire your boss.

Written and performed by Mikey Muffins and Tim Paulk (Are They Brothers)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at STUDIO ZAM by Jon Hansen.

Andrew Sholudko - Truth


From Andrew Sholudko:

The song I wrote, "Truth" is mainly themed around the recent presidential election and the growing tide of angry white conservativism in America. Since the election I have been in shock and awe. I've been perpetually saddened by the general American's disregard for what I thought were American values. As a country I always thought we prided our selves on our kindness, compassion, inclusiveness, and the overall American dream that anyone can succeed no matter their starting point. This no longer seems to be the case and that is what the song is about. It is focused on our bragging, ostentatious, and lying president and how he aims to exclude anyone that is not like him. I hope that the damage he inflicts on the American psyche is short lived and reversible. Let us all remember that together we have a collective voice that can trump hate. Enjoy the song and I hope you feel inspired to make change for the better!

Written and performed by Andrew Sholudko

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at STUDIO ZAM by Jon Hansen


Modern Heart - Make America Great Again

The first song to be released in our Political Music Project is "Make America Great Again" by Modern Heart.

From Kelsey-Lynn Sunshine and Erik Konik:

This song is about reclaiming the phrase "Make America Great Again”, and how we need to step up in a turbulent time in our history. Instead of being brokenhearted that such hate and ignorance exists in this country, it is time for us to fight with the talents we have. In essence, we are all responsible for making America great, for the first time or again. 

Written and performed by Modern Heart

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at STUDIO ZAM by Jon Hansen